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About us

Having studied Chinese martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine since childhood, Shifu Liu came to the UK to teach by special invitation in 2001 and has been living and working in London ever since. He is the director of the Taiji Circle school in Camden, a registered charity. He originally studied Chen Tai Ji Quan (as therapy, martial arts, philosophy) and is the disciple of 19th generation lineage heir of Chen style Tai Ji Quan, Chen Xiaowang (one of the foremost masters of Tai Chi in the world today). Since studying with Grand Master Chen, Shifu Liu has achieved a 6th Duan Wei grading from the Wushu Association of China and is an ‘A’ graded instructor member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. Alongside his teaching, Shifu Liu has built an established practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine, specialising in Dian Xue Tui Na (acupuncture point and traditional Chinese massage therapy), Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition and diet. He studied these disciplines in China with a range of renowned masters including the brothers Wang Chang Qing and Wang Xing Qing for Dian Xue and martial arts therapy, Sun Zong Qi for herbal medicine, Mao Li Sheng for tui na massage techniques and Lu Xian Li for herbal medicine, nutrition and diet. In 2004, Shifu Liu began teaching De Bei Qi Gong – a powerful healing practice with active and meditative forms that was previously unknown in the UK. He also began exclusive workshops in Ying Qi Gong (a form of Hard Qi Gong or Steel Jacket Training) originating from Tibet. His teaching style is traditional and authentic, with an emphasis on relaxation, mental focus and dedication.



        刘老师自幼学习中国武术和中医学,在2001年接受特别邀请来英国后,一直在伦敦生活和工作。他是英国太极圈慈善总会会长。他是最早研究陈氏太极拳并结合陈氏太极拳的哲学理念为病人治疗的,是国际太极拳大师陈小旺(第十九世掌门人)的弟子。自从跟陈小旺大师学习后,刘老师获得了中国武术协会6段的等级。刘老师在中医学方面建立了一个治疗体系,专门制定中医理疗、中药、营养和饮食等疗法。他学从中国研究这些学科一些有名的大师,包括王长青和王兴青兄弟的点穴疗法,孙宗琦的中药,毛利生的推拿、按摩技术和吕贤礼的草药、营养和饮食的疗法。 2004年刘老师开始教授大悲气功—— 一种超强的气功功法,使之首次传入英国。刘老师也首次在英国教授一套完整的硬气功功法(短时间改变身体状况,激发人体潜能,见效快!),他是用传统的教学方法,采用亲身示范的教学方式,以科学的理念因材施教。