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Steel Jacket

Ying Qi Gong is a type of ‘hard’ qi gong or ‘steel jacket’ training originating from Tibet and taught exclusively in the UK by Shifu Quan Jun Liu. At foundation level, it involves intensive training and lifestyle discipline for a minimum of 100 continuous days. The practice is designed to build qi energy in the meridian channels of the body, strengthen the immune system and develop mind and body conditioning. As such, it can be used as internal foundation for a wide range of martial arts disciplines but also as a basis for promoting health, vitality and well being. 

The course is suitable for anyone aged 16 to 65 in good mental and physical health. Some prior experience of meditation or internal martial arts practice is desirable but not essential. The course includes a series of semi-private workshops and culminates in several hours of acupressure and Tui Na therapy. Due to the specialist nature of the course and high degree of commitment required to successfully complete it, enrollment is subject to a personal interview with Shifu Liu. Course fees are set according to personal circumstances. 

Anytime can you application for course.