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Taiji Quan

Shifu Liu teaches Chen Taiji Quan (Tai Chi) classes at the Tai Ji Circle school based in Camden, North London. Chen Taiji Quan is an internal martial art that is the original Tai Chi practice from which many other contemporary styles derive. It was created to synthesise martial arts with Chinese Daoist philosophy of Yin Yang, together with the principles and ideas behind Traditional Chinese Medicine. This very powerful form of internal martial art was a closely guarded secret within the Chen family dynasty for hundreds of years until hte beginning of the 20th century. It differs from other Tai Chi styles with it’s unique ‘silk reeling’ exercises and explosive energy releases known as ‘fajin’.

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刘全军在位于伦敦市中心的太极圈学校教授陈氏太极拳课程。 陈太极拳是一个内功武术,是许多其他现代风格派生的原始太极拳。 它结合了中国传统哲学思想,以刚柔相济、快慢相间、螺旋缠绕、松活禅抖的特点著称。是中国传统医学理论的一种内家拳。 直到20世纪初,这种非常强大的内功武术形式是陈氏家族数百年来一直保守的秘密, 它与其他太极风格不同,它有独特的特点和爆炸式能量释放也称为“发劲”。