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 33th No. 1

Master Liu

Master Liu won the 35th deep detoxification champion, lost 13.4kg in seven days.
刘师傅荣获第33期深排冠军 减重13.4公斤

 34th No.1

Master Liu

 won the 35th deep detoxification champion, lost 10kg in seven days.
刘师傅荣获第34期深排冠军 减重10公斤

 35th No.1

Master Liu

Master Liu won the 35th deep detoxification champion, lost 12.5kg in seven days.
刘师傅荣获第35期深排冠军 减重12.5公斤

Four Seasons Beautiful The Chinese are famous for making good use of natural herbs, plants and fruits to assist in the management and treatment of common diseases.

Taiwan Guangyuan Biological Technology Co. Ltd (the present Taiwan Beautiful Four Seasons Biological Technology Co. Ltd), a company specialised in developing and manufacturing functional foods, first launched a fermented green plum in Taiwan in 1997. The formula was prepared by the Taiwan Jiayi County Chinese food specialist Mr. Guan Decheng who is also the owner of the formula invention patent authorised by the State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C.

As a product, the fermented plum has several different names in the market. Well known for its main function of expelling internal toxins and treating constipation and, it has been regarded as one of the major natural food products in Taiwan and most Asian countries. In 2014, MiuMiu, a legendary China Wenzhou business girl, devised the Suibianguo (Gwogwo Fruit) name and brand for the product, and introduced it to the market of mainland China. Suibianguo literally means, the fruit that is useful and simple to use or the fruit that can be eaten anytime and anywhere.

Gwogwo Fruit, a lovely Chinese product name called by its distributors and sales agents, short forSuibianguo, is now a well received product for expelling visceral toxins and maintaining health. Ever since its introduction by MiuMiu to mainland China in December 2014, it has become a hot selling product promoted by over 100000 distributors through mobile phone we-chat users. Its sale has reached 100000 boxes a day.

Introducing the Beautiful Four Seasons Gwogwo Fruit (Suibianguo)

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便秘的危害Constipation hazard 

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Four Seasons Beautiful Meal Certification 四季代餐质量检测报告及认证汇总

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